Aid to Companies

Facilidad tramites de apertura

Easier opening procedures

Streamline formalities with our new counter for business.

Elimination of previous formalities for the projects focused on livestock activities situated in agricultural non protected land , savings of 20% for you do not have to submit the guarantee nor the compensatory allowance.

Reduction of tax rates

Take advantage of a 0% fee in the opening of a new business
Besides, the city council has recently revised downwards, the following tax rates:

  • 50% in tax rate for using business signs in public roads.
  • 50% in tax rate for occupation of public roads with building materials and similar facilities.
  • 25% in tax rate for occupation of public roads with tables, chairs and similar items with profit motives.

Melioration in taxes for companies

Melioration in taxes for companies Land Tax (I.B.I.) and Construction, Facilities and Works Tax (I.C.I.O.)

Melioration of I.B.I. (land tax):

95% over those real estates where an economic activity that increases the workforce in 5 new employees per year is developed.
Possibility of keeping this melioration up to five years provided that these 5 new jobs are maintained..

Melioration and exemptions of I.C.I.O. (Construction, Facilities and Works Tax):

On industrial estate= 90% bonus with the creation of 2 new jobs.
Out of industrial estate= 80% bonus with the creation of 2 new jobs.
Agricultural and livestock activities= 95% bonus with the creation of 2 new jobs.

Subsidies on entrepreneurship.

Grants of 2.500€ destined to contribute to parcially financing the opening expenses of new business in the township. This aid claims to encourage the self-employment and the creation of business, contributing to the development of local economy as a way to improve the quantity as well as the quality of jobs in Huércal-Overa.

Program bases

Business Practices Program for youngsters.

Education-professional Grants through the Agreement of cooperation City council-Companies. Its goal is to regulate the awarding , based on competition, of 30 grants through the paid work experience in local companies as well as in Huércal-Overa´s town hall (for unemployed)

Program bases


“Sponsor a Talent” Program

We offer 40 Educational-Professional grants whose goal is to support the participants to join the labour market in these ways:

  • By knowing their strenghts and weaknesses
  • By regularizing a customized active plan for the development of their capacities and abilities that ensures and facilitate their productive insertion.
  • By expanding their professional contacts network
  • By receiving advice from business people and professionals in human resources as a mean to reach their professional development and their integration to working life.
  • By deciding the best place to develop their professional goals.

Program bases

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