Huércal-Overa Impulsa

A unique frame for investing and undertaking.

Huércal-Overa Impulsa project was born with the a main goal: establishing this town of about 20.000 inhabitants as an strategic setting, a key for enterprising and situating new business. Besides the advantages that this setting has to offer and, in order that the “Huércal-Overa Impulsa” project achieves its goals, we have proposed numerous tax benefits, cheaper fees, grants, helps for entrepreneurship, etc…

Due to its location, comunication, and infraestructures, Huércal-Overa is strategically situated. Right next to the A7 and A92N, barely 100 Km from the cities of Almería and Murcia, the latter is the Andalusia´s door to Europe in the west, and it will be an axis of the “Mediterranean Corridor”.


Our town is a regional head, with a sphere of influence over 180.000 inhabitants. It counts with an agricultural and livestock economy, an important hydraulic and energy network surrounded by a quiet environment with all the services that a large city can provide. All this makes that Huércal-Overa could offer a wide range of possibilities to anyone wishing to invest in a land full of opportunities.

“Huércal-Overa Impulsa” starts as soon as this township counts with the endorsement of the Strategic Plan “Huércal-Overa 2020”, a plan developed by the specialized company Albant & Inedit, carried out in more than a year time, and that counted with the participation of all the township´s social groups. This strategic plan “Huércal-Overa 2020” is the base for the “Huércal-Overa Impulsa” plan because on it, all the town´s strengths and oportunities are reflected.

From the beginning, the city council´s intention has been to transform Huércal-Overa into an attractive enclave for business investment. Over these 3 last years, encouraging policies have been started, amongst them: elimination of the tax on the opening of new business, fee reduction for occupying public areas, bonus and exemptions on IBI tax (land tax), and ICIO (Construction, Facilities and Works Tax) up to 95%, subsidies for entrepreneurs, grants and business practices program, and others….

All of the above, plus a beautiful landscape, friendly people, education, sports, culture and leisure activities that this great little city has to offer, make of Huércal-Overa the perfect frame to live and work.

Huércal-Overa, gives you more.

Check the strategic plan Huercal-Overa 2020, socio-economic diagnosis and analysis of the municipality clicking on the following images.

incubadora Huércal-Overa