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Agricultura verde naranjos

Privileged enclave for agriculture and green economy

Huércal-Overa is an exceptional agro-ecological and environmentally friendly system with a great growth potential and generating synergies in economic sections of green economy and agriculture: agro-food industry, renewable energies, and ICT´s.

Boom of organic farming, fruit growing, and Oil industry.

Clean spot. Voluntary and controlled waste collection area.

cerdo blanco

Oportunidades para la industria cárnica y la agroalimentación

Huércal-Overa is the first producer of white race Pork in Andalucia, and counts with an artificial insemination center of national reference in Research+Development+ Innovation (within 20 Km) with great opportunities for meat industry, and slaughterhouse facilities.

Besides, Huércal-Overa counts with an important goat industry, located 14 Km from the first milk producer in Europe, and we are rich in local and unique products, it offers great opportunities for the ecologic and craft production

3. An international reference for goods transportation

Headquarters of the most important national and international transportation companies. It creates great opportunities of growth in other related sectors

Headquarters of important medical and passenger transportation companies..

4. Empowerment of: services, trade, and tourism sectors.

We are the regional administrative reference (180,000 inhabitants) with a modern urban planning focused on promoting the services and trade sectors

Huércal-Overa offers the perfect environment for living. This represents a great attractive frame for Northern and Central European citizens. In consequence, it generates great opportunities of business in areas related to sports, health, and social sectors.

Its remarkable historical, cultural, artistic, and natural values spots our town on the international tourist map, as an area of interest. It offers great opportunities for agricultural, natural, religious and ecological Tourism.

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